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Refrigeration Simulator, Refrigeration Test RIG Simulator

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Refrigeration Simulator, Refrigeration Simulation, Commercial Refrigeration Simulator, Refrigeration Troubleshooting Simulator, Refrigeration Test Rig Simulator. Our setup is situated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India and majorly we serve our customers from all over India, Asia.

It is as good as conducting a trial on actual Refrigeration Test Rig.
This Simulator is having the facility to set Calorimeter temperature, heater load adjustment, start and stop the machine.
When the machine is started, calorimeter temperature will start dropping.
Refrigeration cycle pressure and temperatures will be indicated at the appropriate location. These are coded as per the performance curves of the compressor.
With the help of heater controller, you can vary and balance the heater input.
When Refrigeration Effect is equal to Heater Input, it is called steady state.
Here Coefficient of Performance is computed and displayed. Moreover, it has a facility to represent the cycle on Pressure- Enthalpy chart and you can generate a report in the form of an Ex-cel sheet.

Actual working Refrigerator Simulator

Specifications :
It should be open and transparent body to see the operation actual working Refrigerator - make samsung or equivalent Table Top model with minimum diagram on the front panel to understand the working principal of refrigeration. It should provide testing and troubleshooting of components and devices common'y found in actual air conditioning systems, including the following Compressor, Condenser coil, Evaporator coil, Capillary tube, Thermostatic expansion valve, Filter-drier, Air filter, Outdoor fan motor, Indoor fan motor, Compressor, contactor, Start relay, Indoor fan, relay, Transformer, Crankcase heater, Compressor, run, capacitor, Comoressor start capacitor, Fan motor capciton, Room thermostat, Low pressure switch, High pressure switch and circuit breaker

Simulation Software for or Refrigerator (Licence copy)

Software based commercial refrigeration simulator ad troubleshooting training system, for students and HVAC/R sevice technicians. It should provide testing and trouble shooting of components and creatives commonly found in actual commercial refrigeration systems

Refrigeration Test RIG Simulator

Refrigeration Test RIG Simulator